Hold the Phone--Why is the Floor Purple?

Because typing is decidedly less creepy than talking to yourself.

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The Runner!Klaine trilogy and epilogue, After, written prior to—and immediately following—Boston 2013.

See you on the other side, kids.

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Nickel Creek,
A Dotted Line

Because we don’t live together, I often don’t mention that I am not an only Godfather, but do in fact have parentals and siblings and things. 

That could be the reason. The other reason could be the ongoing, simmering DC/Marvel debate, as evidenced by today’s trip past the dollar spot and into the land where my credit rating goes to die:

(It’s probably the distance thing. But you never know.)

Fairy Queen, Age 8, upon hearing that yesterday’s ridiculous winds broke my 3-year-old umbrella into pieces: “Your golf umbrella? It was practically a member of the family!”

I legit cannot tell if she was shitting me or being serious.

"Meme, the first daughter of Aureliano Segundo and Fernanda del Carpio, grows up as frivolous as her father, only feigning interest in the clavichord that her mother forces her to study. With her father, Meme develops a companionship based on shared interests and mutual distaste for Fernanda. She befriends a few American girls and starts to socialize with them, even learning a little English. Meme falls madly in love with Mauricio Babilonia, a mechanic working for the banana plantation who courts her bluntly and shamelessly and whose openness and solemnity entrance Meme. He is followed always by yellow butterflies. Fernanda discovers them kissing in a movie theater and confines the lovesick Meme to the house. When she deduces that Mauricio Babilonia sneaks into the house every night to make love to Meme, she posts a guard in the backyard. When Babilonia returns once more, the guard shoots him, shattering his spine and paralyzing him for the rest of his life…"

- Gabriel García Márquez, "One Hundred Years of Solitude"

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Look, I’m not going to say I teared up or anything.

…but, potentially.



This was one of the best things to ever happen on television


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i couldnt scroll past this i had to reblog

I really tried to scroll past it

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8 days in Spain, 9 in Thailand, or 18 days climbing the Himalayas in Nepal?


d’you think the avengers ever play a game where they try to push steve’s buttons and get him all riled up and patriotic?

tony casually throws it into a conversation like “oh yeah I don’t vote” and steve trails off mid-sentence and gapes for a second before he starts in on the importance of the democratic process and how dangerous it can be if citizens give up their say in how the government is run and tony is trying so so hard to keep a straight face

meanwhile bruce is standing in the background timing the speech with his watch because whoever gets the longest rant wins a little trophy that tony made. the current holder of the trophy is clint who managed to convince steve that he doesn’t pay taxes


Natalie Dormer completed the London Marathon today, coming in at 3:50 which is under her goal of 4 hours. Congratulations, Natalie!

Natalie ran the London Marathon on behalf of children’s charity Barnardo’s. “A lot of people apply to run it for Barnardo’s so I’m just really glad that they picked me,” she said of her chosen charity.

She has been training for the marathon while filming The Hunger Games: Mockingjay in Atlanta. “It has been frantic but the crew have been very supportive,” she told the Daily Telegraph. “Filming starts very early when I imagine a lot of marathon runners are getting in their training before work so I have just been running whenever I can.”

On her fundraising page, she writes: “I’m training whilst shooting ‘Hunger Games: Mockingjay’ in Atlanta. So rest assured there will be plenty of ridiculous alarm times and running the streets after long days on set. My goal is to finish the 26.3 miles in under 4 hours! Huge thanks in advance. I am grateful for any donation no matter how big or small. Every penny makes a difference and it’s going to a cause I believe has a massive impact on many childrens’ lives.”


Neil Patrick Harris as Hedwig. 

For those of you who have been wondering where Fairy Queen, Age Eight and the 5-Year-Old Companion have been, the answer is: school, mostly.

But this week, apropos of nothing, they’ve decided to write their own songs. Just because why the fuck not. FQ’s makes repeated mention of Yellowstone Park, and 5YOC’s ends with an enormous earthquake killing everyone dead, followed by an end of the world party and a very loud piano solo.